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            Narrow Web Series

            Application range:

            Food Packaging, Beverage Packaging L abels;
            Industrial, Pharmacy L abels;
            Cloth/ Price Tags;
            Non-stretchable Film Printing;
            Business Envelops, Mail Tags and Forms;
            Air Line Boarding Pass and Luggage Tags.

            service line:86-536-3206858
            Product description

            Customized design from 1 -24 colors, paper thickness from 15 -80gsm, 80- 150gsm, 150-300gsm;

            Automatic Web Guide as Standard, continuously correcting slightest alignment variations;

            Cassette Design, quick change & quick set-up;

            High Efficiency Drying Capacity by IR and air combination;

            Accurate lateral and circumferential registration;

            Stable and Accurate Tension lsolation;

            Standard Web Inspection System, keep inspects printing image;

            Handy Control Panel;

            Capabilities in adding multi-function features.




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