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            TF series

            Application range:

            Beverage Packaging
            Paper Cup Printing
            Paper Bag Printing
            Food/ Pharmacy Packaging Printing
            Food and Beverage Corrugated Pre- printing

            service line:86-536-3206858
            Product description

            Upper web-passing design makes more efficiency works with faster print speed.

            Individual temperature control in each upper dryer unit, improves drying capacity during high speed, and solves plate-drying issue with water-based inks.

            Servo system transmission control to ensure machine stability.

            Servo controls on Printing pressure and Anilox transferring, achieves easy-operation and high accuracy.

            Long-distance diagnosis function with quick troubleshooting, equipment status in-time reporting, ensures machine better working condition.

            Pre-registration control and Automatic registration system meet the needs of quick production with lower waste in material and save cost.

            None stop auto splicer and auto rewinder in-line.

            Multi-dryer options: Steam, Natural gas, Electric Heater, etc.

            Mechanical hand automatically changing plate cylinder and anilox.

            Ink supply automatic cleaning system.

            Plate cylinder and anilox automatic locking system.




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