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            Your location:HOME ? Products ? Petal series

            Petal series

            Application range:

            Paper Cup/Paper Beverage packaging printing
            Paper Bag/Packaging printig
            Food/Pharmacy packaging printing

            service line:86-536-3206858
            Product description

            HC Series casting board, ensure the machine stability.

            SERVO control system, ensure the operation of the system and the rapid and stable response

            Roller supporting holder design, with one-piece plate cylinder to achieve fast order change-over

            Unique supporting structure realizes the fine adjustment of the printing pressure

            Pre-printing and automatic registration system --- one step to print, achieves cost savings.

            Long-distance fault diagnosis function, diagnose and troubleshoot from the company base.

            Automatic unwind and rewind function for more efficiency in production and waste reducing.

            Air circulation system for energy saving.

            Capable in adding multi-functions. (Auto unwinder and rewinder/closed chamber Dr. Blade/ auto cleaning system, etc)

            Wide Web Series EKOFA 830 EKOFA 920 EKOFA 1000 EKOFA 1100 EKOFA 1300 EKOFA 1450
            Max. Web Width 34.25'' (870mm) 37.00'' (940mm) 40.16'' (1020mm) 44.09'' (1120mm) 51.57'' (1310mm) 57.87'' (1470mm)
            Max. Printing Width 32.67'' (830mm) 35.43'' (900mm) 38.58'' (980mm) 42.52'' (1080mm) 49.21'' (1250mm) 55.51' (1410mm)
            Printing Repeat 11''-31.5'' 11''-31.5'' 11''-31.5'' 11''-31.5'' 11''-47.25'' 11''-47.25''
              279.4mm-800.1mm 279.4mm-800.1mm 279.4mm-800.1mm 279.4mm-800.1mm 279.4mm-1200.15mm 279.4mm-1200.15mm
            Max. Unwind Diameter 60'' (1524mm) 60'' (1524mm) 60'' (1524mm) 60'' (1524mm) 60'' (1524mm) 60'' (1524mm)
            Max. Rewind Diameter 60'' (1524mm) 60'' (1524mm) 60'' (1524mm) 60'' (1524mm) 60'' (1524mm) 60'' (1524mm)
            Max. Mechanical Speed  200m/min (650fpm) 200m/min (650fpm) 200m/min (650fpm) 200m/min (650fpm) 200m/min (650fpm) 200m/min (650fpm)


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